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O ur relationships are unique, complex and dynamic just like us. This is what makes them fulfilling, beautiful and interesting. However, and often the underlying power dynamics in our relationships can cause them to become pointlessly skewed and needlessly off-balance.

If you are on the side that is constantly giving in and losing control, the situation is unfair for you. You feel let down and stressed. You feel like you are not being heard or acknowledged and this can make you feel incredibly helpless.

Whether it is a relationship at your place of work or a personal relationship, each one is just as special. Believe me when I say that it is worth it to look into them closely and recognise and manage the many dynamics at play.

So, how do you take back power and bring balance back into your relationships? How do you manage them so you don’t feel unheard or unacknowledged? How do you develop measures to make your relationships fruitful and fulfilling?

Here, in my first-ever blog post on my website, I discuss the 49-51% factor and strategy that can help you take back control. It is a decisive and meaningful strategy that once implemented can make a world of a difference to your life. Now, are you ready to delve in?


What are the symptoms?

Do you feel the power has been shifting in your relationship(s)? Do you find yourself constantly adjusting your schedule, cancelling or reworking your appointments, and not knowing what is around the corner because your friend or peer is not communicative? Do you feel you are being micromanaged or put in a position of pressure?

If you are having that sinking feeling that this is you, you may actually be in an off-balance relationship.


So, what is the 49-51% factor?

For the 49-51% strategy to work, you need to recognise your strengths and weaknesses as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your peers and team members. So while you have an equal opportunity to give your inputs towards any or all decisions, one of you with the stronger knowledge of a specific area will get a casting vote.

For example, you work with John who has a stronger grasp of finance than you. You begin by acknowledging this strength. Then, when it comes to your assignment, you can discuss the matter jointly however let John have the final say.

It is important to discuss all strengths and weaknesses properly and thoroughly, so you have an equal number of casting votes each.

What does it mean for you in the workplace?

The workplace dynamics have changed a lot in the modern age where you are expected to work together with people rather than under or over them. With this flattening of the hierarchies, partnerships are more balanced and control is evenly distributed.

This means applying the 49-51% rule in a workplace is easier and less obtrusive these days. It would be possible to discuss this strategy with your team, boss or peer transparently. And given its impact, I am sure it will be received with great enthusiasm.


Talk to Reena – your Balance Coach

Looking for similar strategies, and insightful and impactful solutions to your problems? Talk to Reena – your Balance Coach.

I work hard to bring balance into your life through systematic change and critical action. I know how important success is to you – whether in the workplace or in your personal lives. With my strategies, you will be able to achieve success without compromising on the quality of your life. I guarantee it!

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