Reena Strehle

Your balance coach

While working with busy executives such as yourself, Reena has discovered something important.

  • How do you stay busy and productive, yet find peace and quiet?
  • How do you chase after goals, yet find time for meaningful pursuits?
  • How do you keep making your health a priority, without compromising on time, money or energy?

The key is in finding balance – in your work, life and health. You can do this by building a foundation of sound inner health.

Balance isn’t something you achieve “someday”.


– Nick Vujicic

I’m here to help!

My mission

I target restoring a healthy ratio between your Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. In turn – improving your heart, brain and immune functions. And, bringing that much talked about “balance” to everything you do!

My holistic approach to your work, health and wellbeing ensures a sustained and successful way forward.

Balance is the key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat, feel – they all require awareness
and through this awareness we can grow.


– Koi Fresco

My Story

I have experienced the devastating effects of ill-health very closely. My own father suffered from dementia and I watched his health deteriorate. The disease turned him from my hero to someone very childlike.

I am sure many of you have a similar story from your own personal lives – fighting cancer, managing stress, suffering from anxiety and depression, coping with diabetes or heart disease – or having a close family member or friend suffer seriously from these conditions.

By restoring the balance and bringing your Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids into the desired ratio of 3:1 – you and your loved ones can experience better health. From improved cognitive, cardiovascular and immune functions to greater wellbeing and peace.

If you don’t spend time investing in your health, you will spend time investing in your illness.


– Corey Citron

My background

What makes me the best person to work with you on your journey?
I am passionate about your health and wellbeing and I genuinely care about the outcomes we achieve together.

Here’s a little more about me…

The Corporate

30 Years of Experience in Corporate Australia

30 years of experience working in corporate Australia has given me enough knowhow to understand why you do what you do, why you are busy, what makes you successful and what it’ll take to make your health a priority.

I understand your world. I understand the work culture and all that goes with it. This means, I also know how to introduce change slowly, sustainably and successfully.

The Believer

Believer of Sustainability, Diversity & Wellbeing

I am a staunch believer of diversity, sustainability and wellbeing in all aspects of work and life. It isn’t possible to achieve balance without first building on these cornerstone values. This is my belief and I work hard to deliver these outcomes for my clients too.

The Facilitator

Global Facilitator and Networker

I am a facilitator and networker of global repute. I believe in making strong and lasting connections. In one respect, this helps me connect deeply with you. And in another, it helps me bring people together who are engaged in similar pursuits.
Networking has led to making several fascinating discoveries – about myself and the world, and about the people I work with.

The meditator

40 Years of Experience as a Meditator

Transcendental Meditation™ is a technique I have practised for over 40 years, learning it from my mother. TM is pivotal to inner peace and wellness. It can create mental strength, clarity and creativity. As Hugh Jackman says, “Nothing has ever opened my eyes like Transcendental Meditation has. It makes me calm, and happy, and, well, it gives me some peace and quiet in what’s a pretty chaotic life”. Meditation goes hand in hand with emotional intelligence and longevity. As an experienced meditator, I bring you the best of these.

A Special Bond –

Me & My Horses

I do so much each day – from coaching others for balance, to facilitating events, and even giving talks on bustling platforms. I am constantly in touch with people and I am focused on delivering my best. I have so much energy and passion. It all stems from my love of my horses – They are what centres me!

My husband and I are blessed to have horses on our property on the outskirts of Perth and our horses mean everything to me. I often go to the farm to reconnect with myself through these lovely creatures. Each one is so unique and special. I know all their quirks and nuances like I do my family – sensitive, cool, competitive, warm, eager. There are so many facets and I am familiar with each one.

Horses are magnificent creatures. I have learnt that they need a lot of trust to begin with. Whether you work with them, ride them or just play with them – they need to be able to trust you 100%. They can also sense you and recognise your energy. Understanding this has helped me in my personal relationships as well as all the other relationships I have with my clients, associates and friends.

My horses are my family – we’ve done so many things together and come so far!

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