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Bringing Balance Into Focus In Our Busy Lives

In this book you will learn

Introduction to Balance

We all seek balance. We are all undeniably the same. Balance in health. Balance in nutrition. Balance in our decisions. Balance in our lives.

What’s at Risk?

We’ve had shocking results with those who took our Balance Test. Our studies show that 95% of the people we tested are in danger!

Omega Fatty Acids imbalance

For many people, the ratio of Omega–3 to Omega–6 fatty acids is completely out of balance these days. We have to get his back into balance.

Our Solutions

Repair, rejuvenate and revitalise your body with our solutions. Discover all-natural flavours and plant-based goodness that works!

Balance Test

Test your body’s critical Omega–6 versus Omega–3 ratio. And learn how to bring it close to the golden 3 :1 in just 120 days.

Your Balance Coach

The key to your success is achieving balance in your work, health and wellbeing. Meet someone who can help create a solid inner foundation.

Bringing Balance Into Focus

Get a step closer to achieving balance in your life!
Start your journey to a healthier, happier you today!
Are you eager to create a new, rejuvenated mind-body balance you never imagined?


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6 Steps to Balanced Living

The book reveals a magic formula in 6 powerful steps.

Living a healthy, balanced and happy life is within your reach. Easily!
Just one test and small, simple lifestyle changes await better health and overall well-being. Everyone deserves a life full of health, happiness, prosperity and joy – IN BALANCE!

It will show you how imbalanced your body might currently be, and few simple and affordable solutions that will bring you back into balance in just 120 days!

Are you ready to transform your life and become a healthier version of yourself?

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