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W e start our days with the buzz and ring of social media notifications on our phone. It is hard not to be drawn. Especially so, if we are people on a mission with a strong personal brand to cultivate and nurture. It is important that we keep up and keep influencing.

Take that 3 am call on Zoom to connect with colleagues located across the world. Log into Facebook at random times to answer pressing questions from your audience. Create that important update for LinkedIn that everyone’s been waiting for. – Your social media life is busy and bustling.

But while we are doing all this, we want to always ensure is that our lives are in balance! Whether it is social media or otherwise. Just like any other aspect of our lives and health and wellness, balance is essential to be maintained here too.

As a balance coach, this is my number one priority – bringing and keeping balance in your life. It is essential that you are aware of the many pitfalls of social media as well as its many advantages. And that you are able to leverage all the advantages without compromising on what’s important.

Here are my hot tips on how best to keep your social media lives in balance:


Meet in person when you can

While digital engagements can be interesting, don’t give up the opportunity to meet people in person when it presents itself. In-person interactions are great and help you find a better connection with people. This may be because it is sometimes easier for people to share when they are face to face.

For me personally, it is a great incentive to meet people in person and build on our relationship. To be able to share handshakes, hugs and smiles and a few personal stories over a cuppa – that is so much more meaningful than online exchanges can ever be.


Find ways to add more meaning to interactions

Online exchanges and interaction can become too business-like and cut and dry sometimes – with each looking for just that one thing before moving on to the next event. I believe it is important to look for ways to add more meaning to all your interactions. For example, is there a common hobby that you can discuss without impinging on too much time of course? Or what about an event that you’re both looking forward to attending together?

Meaningful interactions are more likely to keep you motivated and happy – helping you feel warm and in touch. The best part is that they have exactly the same effect on the other person interacting with you!


Keep a lookout for signs of breakdown

Sometimes social media conversations and exchanges can become too volatile or heavy – leaving you no room to engage warmly or vent properly. Look out for these signs of distress in your engagements. Disconnect with people who do not share your values and whose ideas do not resonate with yours. Make sure you build your network slowly and carefully, including only those people who add to your experience rather than those who take away from it.

Do not hesitate to detox and take a break from social media if the situation gets uncomfortable. Taking a break when you need it will give you time to think of ways to eliminate the distress, realign with your purpose and come back to what you do with greater enthusiasm.


Talk to me about balance

Hi, I am Reena – Your Balance Coach.

I have experience working with numerous busy executives and managers, such as yourself, inspiring them to discover balance in everything. And, in creating a fulfilling and nurturing environment within their lives.

I am an influencer and mentor of repute and have much to say about health and social media. Connect with me and let’s talk about your social media peeves.

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