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L ook around you! We are living in an age where things are evolving and changing so quickly! This includes everything – from the way we work and connect to the way we lead our personal lives.

Over the years, we’ve seen the modern office adapt and cater to the employees’ preferences and working styles. Modern-day workplaces have standing desks, comfy seating, areas for entertainment and recreation, snack bars and food courts, gyms, and sometimes even wending machines that give out some awesome merchandise.

The year 2020 has left its own stamp on the workplace ushering in huge change and redefining the way we work. We’ve seen unprecedented use of technology, apps and gadgets all meant to make our lives easier. We’ve also seen working remotely or from home become the new norm.

While we are all aware of this new reality, the rate and scope of change can sometimes be quite overwhelming for some of us. We need to develop mechanisms to catch up and cope with the changes we face. And then there is the added effort to maintain balance.

It may seem impossible to achieve work-life balance and career success at the same time. But there are always ways to stay on top of your job as it continues to change and still have work-life balance too.

In this month’s blog post I discuss 7 surprisingly simple ways of achieving work-life balance that I have garnered from my own experience:


1. Prioritise your tasks

Prioritise your tasks and be realistic about what you can accomplish and by when. For high priority tasks that are also high pressure, learn to take some time off at their completion. This will help you balance out the stress of the task.


2. Learn to unplug

Learn to unplug, take small breaks or alternate between different tasks so that you are not doing repetitive work. Wear protective glasses that help reduce the exposure from screen glare and headphones that cancel out surrounding noise and disturbances.


3. Do light exercise

There are many light exercises that you can follow while sitting in the chair or standing at your desk. Remember to maintain the correct posture while sitting and standing. If you cannot exercise while at the workplace, you can step out into nature and take a short walk.


4. Nurture your network

Since you spend most of your time at work, it is crucial to develop your network here. The workplace network often becomes your support group when you are in crisis or when you need guidance. It is also good to have someone with whom you could discuss opportunities and events.


5. Do what you love

Do what you are passionate about! You will be able to enjoy your work for longer without experiencing burnout and fatigue if you keep an eye out for what you enjoy doing most. It could be simple things such as – giving presentations or organising the project documentation.


6. Do pro bono work

Doing charity or pro bono work can be a great stress reliever. I am sure you’ve experienced this, but when you do good for others and empathise with their situation, it can create a feeling of great joy. This is also something that you can do with your team as a group activity.


7. Get a balance coach

If you found these tips useful, you’ll definitely find working with a Balance Coach beneficial!

A Balance Coach can guide you and help you make better decisions. I personally enjoy bringing balance into my clients lives through the numerous strategies that I have developed. Encouraging them to lead truly balanced and satisfying lives on the daily.

If you too want this for yourself, don’t hesitate to call me today.

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