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W ant to know why Morten Aamodt – the 2nd naturally strongest man in the world – loves Zinzino? And, why Europe’s top athletes go by and trust the BalanceTest? It is for the same reason why Hugh Jackman, Ellen DeGeneres, Katie Perry and Naomi Watts practice Transcendental Meditation. It’s your commitment to your health that matters. It’s your health that comes first!

So, what are YOU doing to stay healthy and balanced this new year?

Have you considered that what you have experienced (or are experiencing) are the very symptoms of imbalance in your life – fatigue, chronic inflammation, heart disease, diabetes, emotional turmoil, reduced stamina, aches and pains, coughs and colds, impacted immunity or the many other subtle or severe signs of distress in the body? It is the imbalance that manifests and shows itself in many different forms.

Then again, what is causing this imbalance to keep on occurring? We know we are compromising with our health – our mental health and peace of mind, our meals and the nutritional content of food, proper and regular exercise, recreation, leisure and entertainment, maintaining and nurturing essential relationships etc. etc. etc. There are countless reasons.

After analysing over 598,417 samples, the reasons become a little more evident. About 95% of the people who took the BalanceTest do NOT have optimal balance. So, here’s what YOU can do!

Don’t take a chance with your health. Don’t let your health remain a mystery. Take action today. Take the BalanceTest. I highly recommend it.

The BalanceTest comes to you from the world’s leading company in fatty acid tests, so you know you can trust it completely. The results may surprise you. Better yet, the results may help you get your life back on track; focusing on the very things you need; bringing that much-needed balance back into your lives. 

What is the BalanceTest?

Whether you are experiencing a major breakdown or a minor incident that has caused you to worry about your health – you have picked up on a sign that your health is compromised.

Usually, it can be hard to pinpoint the exact reasons and a suitable course of action. Not with the BalanceTest.

With this convenient, precise, at-home dried blood spot test you can now know your personal test results. It begins with a simple analysis of your blood that picks up all the reasons for the imbalances that affect you. It does this by studying the levels of Omega 6 versus Omega 3 in your body and highlighting any or all discrepancies.


Quick and Easy In-depth Knowledge Track your progress
Experience your levels summarized in easy-to-understand charts and graphics. Gain insights into your fatty acid profile and receive detailed recommendations. Stay in control. Compare your before and after results to track your progress.


The science behind it

The test analyses 11 fatty acids (that represent 98% of the fatty acids present) in your blood. The fatty acid profile shown in your results reflects your diet with respect to the fat intake. On your test result, you find dietary indicators showing your omega-6 to omega-3 balance, the omega-3 (EPA+DHA) value, the efficiency of your body´s arachidonic acid (AA) formation, and your cell membrane fluidity index, among other things.

The omega-6 to omega-3 ratio is a crucial indicator of overall health. Great-many health conditions, such as chronic inflammation, heart disease, illnesses impacting cognition and mental health, diabetes and cancer have been known to stem from a discrepancy in this value. I promise to touch on this important topic in greater detail in a future blog.


When and how can I get tested?

The BalanceTest is an approved in-vitro diagnostics product for personal blood sample collection. It requires a simple pricking of your finger and leaving a few drops of blood on the Whatman filter paper.

The BalanceTest itself takes lesser than 5 minutes to complete. It is very similar to taking a blood test! And, you can take the test anywhere – in the comfort of your home or at any place of your choice such as a club or restaurant. Relax and continue having a normal day, there are no special preparations required.

Simply contact your balance coach for an appointment. Or, order the BalanceTest from my site to self-administer. Remember, should you have any questions or concerns simply reach out to me at any time. I am here to help




Certified test kit

The Zinzino dried blood spot test is certified to comply with the European regulation 98/79/EB and is certified according to ISO 13485 on in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical devices. This means the test and all its components are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and the kit also has the CE mark on it.


What will my results show?

Vitas Analytical Services have more than 25 years of experience with biomarker analysis using cutting-edge knowledge and technology which guarantees that they analyse your sample independently and protect your privacy.

Once you register your test at, everything is treated anonymously and samples are shipped to our certified lab in Norway for analysis. Your results become accessible to you within 20 days of taking the test.

The test results are detailed and personalised and include all conditions that have been observed. Graphics and charts that make the report easy to read and understand. To learn more, log in to and see how to read your test results.



Feel free to discuss your results with your doctor, dietician or GP / healthcare practitioner. As they will agree, it is 100% legitimate and surprisingly accurate.


Adding life to your years

Red blood cells in our bodies have a lifespan of 120 days, and the health of our cell membranes is determined by our diet. When we change our habits and eat a healthy diet high in Omega-3’s, we can see positive changes in our cells and their membranes just after 120 days.

This is where the BalanceTest helps! Take the BalanceTest to measure and track your progress as you nurture your body back to optimum health and balance.

Talk to a Balance Coach

You’ve made that commitment to your health in 2021. I’ll help you keep it.

Hi, I am Reena – Your Balance Coach.

It is my job to ensure that you are leading your fullest and best lives. In my opinion, that will start with a BalanceTest. Not only does this test offer you insights into your health condition, but it also offers you a way forward. Navigating the challenges that you face with your unique circumstances. Making those considerations that affect you the most.

And, I will be here helping you stay motivated and focused through it all.

Contact me for an obligation-free discussion on the BalanceTest, today. Let’s start putting your health first!

Medical Disclaimer: The product, tool and guidance mentioned here are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and must not be treated as health or personal advice. I am not a doctor or qualified healthcare professional. Always seek the advice of your doctor with regard to any questions that you may have about your health or medical conditions.

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    I would love to take this test. I have chronic inflammation and would love to know that I could work myself out of it.

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